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SurfEasy USB Plug In Privacy Key - Secure, Encrypted Online Protection

SurfEasy USB Plug In Privacy Key - Secure, Encrypted Online Protection

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Private and Secure Web Browsing on any Computer or Network

Carry your own Internet privacy solution in your pocket! The SurfEasy Private Browser plugs into the USB port of any computer to encrypt your Internet connection. When you pull out the Private Browser, all search history, passwords and usernames go with you. Nothing is left behind on the computer.

Use it at work to prevent IT from monitoring personal browsing. Plug into shared computers at home or in public places like the library, Internet café or hotel.

SurfEasy Secure Private Web Browser - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How does SurfEasy protect my Online Privacy?

SurfEasy encrypts your browsing traffic with the same encryption used by the world’s leading banks. All browsing traffic is private and secure, even on an open Wi-Fi or monitored network.

It safely stores your personal information such as web browsing history, bookmarks and passwords on your password-protected key, ensuring nothing is left behind on the computer or network and routes you’re online browsing through our Private Network, ensuring your originating IP address is kept private from the websites you visit. This keeps your online identity private from anyone wishing to abuse your personal information.

Q. Will SurfEasy let me access blocked websites and bypass firewalls?

Yes. Connecting to our high-speed Private Network allows you to browse with a SurfEasy IP address. This lets you access geo-restricted content that may be blocked in your region. You can switch between our servers in the USA, UK, Singapore and Brazil any time at no extra cost. SurfEasy also allows you to bypass firewalls so your favorite websites and online content are always just a click away!

However, we do not recommend you violate government or IT department policies. Please see our Terms of Use for details.

Q. Does SurfEasy require any software installation or special configuration?

No. After the easy one-time registration process, SurfEasy can be used on any computer or network  - no software installation or configuration is needed.

Q. What operating systems are compatible with SurfEasy?

Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6 or greater with an Intel based Mac.

Q. Do I have unlimited data with my SurfEasy Private Browser ?

The SurfEasy Private Browser offers unlimited data protection and encrypted browsing for the life of the key with no recurring fees.

Q. Does the SurfEasy Private Browser protect against key loggers?

Yes. SurfEasy offers a few features that can help protect against key logging threats.

1) On-screen Keyboard:

The SurfEasy Private Browser includes an on-screen keyboard feature that can help prevent loss of information from hardware-based key loggers. We recommend using the on-screen keyboard to enter sensitive information (such as usernames, passwords, account numbers, etc.) into the text fields on the websites you are viewing.

2) Password Manager:

The SurfEasy Browser includes a Password Manager that can securely store usernames and passwords you use to access websites and automatically fill them in for you the next time you visit. Use the Password Manger to access important websites and avoid entering usernames and passwords on computers you don’t trust.

Q. Does SurfEasy act as a Password Manager ?

SurfEasy uses a built in Password Manager that auto-fills these fields after you've entered the details the first time around.  You do not need to copy and paste usernames, passwords, etc.

Unfortunately, it does not work for multi-step security fields.

Q. What information can my Internet Service Provider (ISP) and websites see when I use SurfEasy?

When you use the SurfEasy Private Browser, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can only see the amount of traffic passing through their server and that the data is encrypted.  Without the SurfEasy Private Browser, your ISP can see what websites you are viewing, your emails, IM chats and any files that you are downloading or uploading.

Websites you visit are able to see the browser you are using, the operating system of your computer and the SurfEasy IP address you are using. Your personal IP address is not visible to your ISP or the websites you visit.

If you have localised search enabled on your SurfEasy Browser, websites you visit will also receive anonymous location information at the “City” level. This allows SurfEasy users to receive location-relevant search results while maintaining their individual privacy.

Q. How do I import Bookmarks?

To import bookmarks on to your SurfEasy device you:

  • Click on Bookmarks in the menu toolbar
  • Select Show All Bookmarks
  • Select Import and Backup

To import from another browser on the computer select “Import from another Browser” and follow the onscreen instructions. To import from an HTML file select “Import Bookmarks from HTML” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Q. I have lost my password is there any way I can recover it?

SurfEasy does not maintain a copy of your password this is to protect your privacy. You can reset your SurfEasy Key to factory default settings and re-register your password by downloading the Recovery Tool.

Q. I have lost my device, Will someone be able to access the information?

No. Your SurfEasy device is password protected, so no one will be able to access your account or personal information.

Q. How Do I Use The Private Local Search feature?

The SurfEasy Private Network protects your online identity by never sharing your IP address with the websites you visit. To show local search results while protecting your privacy, SurfEasy determines your approximate geographic location and passes the name of your nearest City or Region to Google. This way, you still get local search results while maintaining your online privacy and shielding your physical location from websites and search engines.

You can turn this feature off or manually choose the location you would like Google to use for local results. Simply go to and edit these settings by selecting “Private Local Search Settings” near the bottom of the page.

Q. I plugged the SurfEasy Private Browser in and Nothing Happens

Ensure that the USB key is light side up so that the SurfEasy logo is facing away from you.

If the key is properly inserted but you don't see a prompt to enter your password, your computer's Auto Play feature may not be popping up. To manually launch the Private Browser, follow these steps:

To open on Windows: My Computer>> CD Drive SurfEasy – Plug in privacy>> double-click on SurfEasy.exe.

To open on Mac OS: Finder>> Devices>> SurfEasy>> double-click on

Q. Can I Use The SurfEasy Private Browser On multiple computers?

Yes. SurfEasy is designed to be your portable, secure and private Internet browser. Since it runs off of the SurfEasy key, you can use it on any computer that meets the technical specifications and has a functioning USB port.

Q. Do I still need Anti-Virus Software if i'm using the SurfEasy Private Browser?

Yes. While SurfEasy does protect your online privacy and security, it is not anti-virus protection software. SurfEasy encrypts everything in and out of the SurfEasy Private Browser and protects your identity by shielding your IP address from the websites you visit. We strongly recommend that you continue to use anti-virus software to protect your computer from viruses and malware.

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