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KeySecure PC - PC On A Stick

KeySecure PC - PC On A Stick


KeySecurePC™ is a small, lightweight external device with an internal Solid State Drive SSD, an Operating System, Programmes, a Windows Programme emulator, a data deletion function and 16, 32, 64 or 128GB RAM (depending on model), all encrypted with the AES256 algorithm used by the United States Government.

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KEYSecurePC User Manual | KEYSecurePC Boot Configuration | KEYSecurePC General Principles


Connect KeySecurePC ™ to a USB port on your PC and start the simple boot procedure.

KeySecurePC ™ immediately replaces the Hard Disk of your PC with its own internal Hard Disk.

KeySecurePC™ runs its own Operating System and the Programmes contained therein.

From this moment on, your PC (hosting KeySecurePC ™) basically acts as keyboard, display, RAM and CPU (none of which store any data or item from your usage).

All your work is carried out inside KeySecurePC™ with its own SSD Hard Disk – just like those found in latest-generation PCs – even though typed into the keyboard of your PC and viewed on its display.

All files, emails, chats, web history, videos, pictures, saved passwords and any other data, without exception, is managed and stored within KeySecurePC™.

No one can recover anything from your PC simply because none of your information goes through the Hard Disk of your PC, but is directly processed by the internal KeySecurePC ™ Hard Disk.

When you finish working, remove KeySecurePC ™ from your PC USB port and take it with you.

It is so small that you can put it in your bag or pocket or attach it to your keyring and easily store it anywhere.

KeySecurePC ™ thereby functions like an actual PC that you can plug into another PC and use, without always having to carry your PC with you.

KeySecurePC ™ can be used on any Personal Computer at home, on holiday, at a business centre, on a friend’s or other person’s PC, ensuring you have instant access to your Desktop, your workplace, your icons, and all your programmes and data.


You have just seen how KeySecurePC ™ protects your PC from intrusion by preventing any data from being stored on your PC the whole time you use it.

Let’s see how KeySecurePC™ is also protected in the event of loss or theft.

Data stored on KeySecurePC ™ is automatically encrypted and protected by the AES256 algorithm and you don’t have to remember to perform any complicated procedures.

AES stands for “Advanced Encryption Standard” and denotes an unbreakable encryption algorithm that is used, among others, by the United States Government.

KeySecurePC ™ automatically encrypts everything without you having to carry out any complicated commands.

KeySecurePC ™ does not encrypt individual files, as encrypted USB flash drives often do, but actually encrypts the entire Operating System containing all the data relating to your work.

It is more likely that anyone trying to crack the password to your KeySecurePC ™ implements the Wiping function described below rather than successfully cracking the AES256 algorithm.


KeySecurePC ™ has a data Wiping function implemented through a simple command that ensures guaranteed and irreversible deletion of its contents in just minutes.

All other data Wiping systems not only require complicated and highly-technical operations, but also take from a few hours to several days to delete data, depending on the relative Hard Disk’s capacity.


KeySecurePC ™ has two Memory partitions you can choose from when working.

Both are encrypted


- the first is encrypted but visible and you have to open it with the right password; this is useful when you want to share your work with others.

- the second is encrypted but invisible.

KeySecurePC ™ should not be confused with normal encrypted USB drives, which merely operate as simple storage units for data generated and written to them by a PC. These USB drives offer internal data protection but their very nature makes them leave traces or copies of original files on your PC, which can easily be recovered for years (try it now).



KeySecurePC ™ is immune from Viruses, saving you the cost of both antivirus software and technical support for maintenance and repair, not to mention the inconvenience of any associated PC downtime.

KeySecurePC ™ allows you to use old computers that are otherwise no longer suited to the latest Operating Systems.

In fact, KeySecurePC ™ has its own internal Operating System and only uses the keyboard and display and CPU and RAM on the host PC, thereby ensuring that even modestly equipped PCs like those on the market 5 years ago can be used (CPU from 700Mhz and RAM from 512MB).

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KeySecurePC Platinum 32GB USB 3.0/2.0 SSD Pen PC
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KeySecurePC Platinum 64GB USB 3.0/2.0 SSD Pen PC
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KeySecurePC Platinum 128GB USB 3.0/2.0 SSD Pen PC
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