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KeeLog: Keystroke Recorders, Time and Key Logging, and Video Screen Capture

KeeLog manufacture of a number of unique Keystoke Logging devices. We are proud to be the UK Authorised Seller for KeeLog products - at the lowest prices with super-fast delivery.

For full details on KeeLog products including Installation Guide, User Guides, FAQ etc... Please visit our dedicated KeeLog Site

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The product range includes a number of key logging devices (please see below for uses and benefits) and a new – Patent Pending - VideoLogger called the VideoGhost.

Hardware Keystroke Logger Benefits


  • Monitor acceptable internet usage
  • Monitor employee productivity
  • Detect unauthorised access attempts
  • Backup typed text
  • Collect computer usage statistics


  • Monitor your family's computer activity
  • Protect your child from on-line hazards and predators
  • Observe WWW, E-mail, and chat usage
  • Save a copy of written documents


  • Monitor remote computers
  • Retrieve unknown passwords, operating system independent
  • Collect computer related evidence
  • Detect unauthorised use of computer equipment



  • Does not need system access for installation
  • Recording and playback can be done on two different computers
  • Operating system independent (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Undetectable and invulnerable for security scanners and anti-spyware
  • Prices from £34.19 (one off purchase)


  • Requires full access to operating system to install
  • Operation limited to single computer
  • Dedicated to one type of operating system
  • Fully detectable by Anti-Virus and software scanners
  • Prices above £30 per license (usually annually)


Plug & Play - No software of drivers required, installation takes a few seconds
Huge memory - Up to 2 Gigabytes of memory - years worth of typing
Transparency - Keyloggers are completely invisible to computer operation
Fast playback - USB technology guarantees super-fast data retrieve
Functionality - Many easily accessible options and functions
Compact and discrete - Our hardware keyloggers are the smallest on the market




PLEASE NOTE: The important thing to remember about keyloggers are that they sit between the tower/desktop unit by plugging into the USB (or PS2) socket and the keyboard cable plugged into the keylogger. Thus recording all information sent by the keyboard. They do not work with laptops and may not work with some systems that are factory built with wireless keyboards - Where / how would you plug the device in ??

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