iTwin - FAQ

iTwin - FAQ

What is an iTwin?
iTwin is a revolutionary new file sharing and remote access device brought to you by a company called iTwin. It's like two ends of a cable, without the cable. It's as simple to use as a flash drive. It's literally plug and play.
iTwin can connect any two online computers anywhere in the world. iTwin enables you to have access to any or all of your home computer's files and folders while you're on-the-go. Similarly, you can also use iTwin to access to any or all of your office computer's files and folders while on-the-go. There's no in-built limit to the amount of storage you can access with iTwin while you're on-the-go. The only limit is the size of your hard drives. The only other "limit" is the speed of your Internet connection. The faster it is, the better your experience.
You can select files for accessing later on-the-go, or you can edit them remotely, without the files leaving your computer. You can also back-up files to your home or office computer while you're out on-the-go. It's so easy, it's unbelievable.

How does it work?
When you connect iTwin, you'll see a regular window pop-up, just as you would if you plugged in a regular USB flash drive. Drag and drop files and folders into this window to share them - as many as you want. Leave your computer with one half of iTwin connected to it. Detach the other half of iTwin and take it with you. Wherever you go, you can remotely access the shared files, simply by plugging the half you are carrying into any online Windows computer, anywhere. iTwin allows you to transfer files to - or from - your home computer. Or your office computer. Or your friend's, or your colleague's! iTwin also allows you to edit the shared files on a remote computer, while keeping them on that remote computer, (no need to transfer those files before you edit them).

For more detailed information see: iTwin Manual for WIndows | iTwin Manual for MAC

Is one computer the master and the other the slave?
No - iTwin comprises two exactly identical halves and information transfer goes from A to B or from B to A, whichever you prefer. The two halves are completely identical and this "twin" symmetry reflects the useful access and transfer capabilities of iTwin.

Just how secure is it?
When you connect iTwin to your computer, the two halves "pair" and create a secure key that only these two halves know. No one else knows this key - including the iTwin company. This means your data is completely secure. iTwin uses 256-bit AES encryption. This standard is comparable to that of the military or online banking services. On top of that, iTwin uses hardware crypto, not software, which makes iTwin's encryption even more difficult to crack!

What are the plus points of iTwin over other file access services?
iTwin does not impose any storage limits or monthly fees. iTwin uses hardware-based access and security instead of just software. Software can be cumbersome. For remote file access, you would need to explicitly download software, install it, create accounts and worst of all, remember & type logins and passwords. We are not designed to remember more than a few passwords, and we are already overloaded with them. We reuse passwords, we use simple passwords. However, there is a simpler way to connect devices: using iTwin. iTwin makes secure connections very simple, removing all complexity.

But what about passwords?
You can set an optional password, for additional security. This is done during the "pairing" or initialization process. With the two halves connected and plugged into a USB port on your computer, proceed through the pairing process and then right-click the iTwin icon in your system tray. Select "Security Options" and then select "Set Password" from the menu. You can then enter a password which will be required each time you plug one half of your iTwin into a computer. This provides you with additional security, in case you lose one half of your iTwin and an unauthorized person attempts to use it.

By default though, there's no requirement to set a password.

Does iTwin store data?
iTwin is like two ends of a cable, without the cable. Just as a cable doesn't store data, neither does iTwin. iTwin just gives you easy, highly secure access to your data. No data is stored on the device itself. So if you lose one half of iTwin, you don't lose your data. You can share as much data as you choose. There's no limit, except the speed of your broadband connection.

Can I put the computer to sleep or lock it so as to prevent unauthorized access to my local computer while I am away?
When iTwin is plugged into your computer, iTwin software will prevent your computer from entering sleep mode. This enables you to access your files remotely. You can definitely lock your computer screen by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting "Lock Computer" option. You will still be able to access files remotely. You can also switch off your monitor, iTwin will still work. In fact, iTwin software will automatically switch the monitor according to your existing power setting.

What if I lose one half?
You can break the connection between the two halves of your iTwin by clicking on a disconnect link (a URL that we email you immediately when you pair the device). You can do this from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can also disconnect by entering a unique disconnect code into our website (we email you this disconnect code when you pair the two halves of iTwin).
A very simple way to break the connection after losing one half, is that you can simply unplug the half that you didn't lose. That way, no-one can access your data. (Don't re-plug that half until you've found the missing half or until you've disconnected the two halves using our website or our disconnect link.)
If you still have one half of iTwin, you can buy a single half of iTwin from our website. Simply "pair" your old half with the new one, to create a new iTwin.

What if I lose both halves of iTwin?
Your data is completely safe, since iTwin doesn't store any data on itself. (iTwin just gives you access to data that's stored on one of your computers elsewhere). You can easily order a new iTwin from our website

What about firewalls?
There should be nothing to configure. iTwin uses the same ports as your Internet browser. So long as you can shop online or access "https" websites, you can use iTwin without any firewall issues. (A "https" website is a website that allows you to enter passwords or other secure information.)

Why do I need two halves of iTwin?
The high-grade security of iTwin is created by the random and very secure unique crypto key that's generated each time you pair the two halves. Only the two halves of iTwin know the key. You only need to carry one half with you, on-the-go. Both halves of iTwin must be plugged into two online computers at the same time, for iTwin to act like a connecting cable.

How do I access my files while I'm on-the-go?
Plug iTwin into your online computer (say, the one at your home). Install and launch it with one click. Drag and drop files and folders into the iTwin window to share them, just like you would with a flash drive. Drag as many files as you want. If you can't decide which files or folders to select, just drag the whole hard drive (seriously)! Then, detach one half of iTwin and take it with you. (Leave your home computer powered on). While you're on-the-go and you want access to those files, simply plug the half of iTwin you are carrying into any other online computer. You'll see all your shared files. Click the iTwin icon in the Windows Tray to "switch" iTwin and share files from the computer you're sitting at, to be accessed from your home computer.

What if my home computer falls asleep while I'm out, on-the-go?
If you leave one half of iTwin connected to your computer at home, iTwin won't let your computer fall asleep. The monitor may power off after a while (depending on how you've computer's power management settings). But the operating system of your computer will continue to function. This ensures that you have access to your files and folders. So if the computer you use for iTwin at home is a notebook or laptop, ensure that you leave it connected to the power supply before leaving home.

Can iTwin do one-to-many connections?
iTwin enables a simple and secure, one-to-one connection between any two computers running Microsoft Windows 7, XP or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit). Interested in a one-to-many feature? Please email

What operating systems are currently supported?
iTwin currently supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista, (32-bit & 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.6 and above. The two computers connected to each other via iTwin can be running two different operating systems.

I own multiple iTwins. Can I pair any two halves?
Yes. You can connect any two halves and plug them into an online computer to "pair" those two halves. Any previous association that either of those two halves had with another iTwin will be instantly disabled.

What has the press said?
iTwin has received a lot of praise in the tech and popular press, from Financial Times to Engadget and Gizmodo. Praise for iTwin is shown on our Press Page.

Where do I enter the disable code, to disconnect the two halves of my iTwin?
When you pair the two halves of your iTwin, we'll ask for your email address so that we can send you a special email. The subject line of this email will be: [iTwin] Your Device Disable Code.
In case this important email gets filtered, check your spam folder. In this email, we'll send you a disable URL. Click on the URL to disable the connection between the two halves of iTwin. We'll also send you a unique disable code. You can also enter this unique disable code here.

Once disabled, can I reconnect the two halves of iTwin?
To re-enable your iTwin device, simply "pair" the two halves of an iTwin and you are ready to go.
You can "pair" the two halves by connecting them together and plugging them into your computer. (Internet connection required).

What software application gets used when I remotely edit a file?
To use iTwin to edit a file that is stored on a remote computer, you can double-click on it in the iTwin 'remote files' window. If you double-click, the software application that gets used to open the file from your local computer depends on the default application preferences of your local computer. Alternatively, you can right-click on the file and choose among the available software applications installed on your local computer.

Can you even edit video or image files remotely?
Yes you can. Using iTwin, you can remotely edit any type of file on the remote computer if the appropriate application is installed on that remote computer. For example, you can share a Photoshop image file (that's a .psd file), and you can then remotely edit this file.

Can it be edited on both sides like google docs?
Currently, iTwin only allows you to edit a file on one computer at any given moment of time. You can edit a local file and save it. Then you can open a remote file to edit and save it. Once done, the local files can be opened and re-edited. In the event where a single file is being edited by two separate computers at once, iTwin will ask you to choose to save one of the two edited copies.

Can I use it in a public computer?
Yes, you can use iTwin on a public computer. You might not wish to save any files on that public computer - in this case, simply use iTwin to remotely edit or view files located on your home or office computer. When you unplug the half of iTwin from the public computer, any temp files created by the viewing or remote editing process are purged.

Does the data go through some offsite iTwin server?
If the two halves of iTwin are plugged into a remote and local computer in the same network, then the data is transferred directly between the computers. If the remote and local computers are on different networks, then the data goes through our relay server. Since all the data which is relayed is encrypted and the encryption key is only stored on the two halves of iTwin, your data is completely safe.

What about Malware?
iTwin does not facilitate malware distribution. Malware spreads through regular USB drives, when a malicious program executes and writes itself to the USB drive automatically (without your permission or without you even realizing it). When the infected USB drive is plugged into another computer, the software may be able to automatically run. There are two necessary conditions for malware spread. 1) Infected File should be copied to a new computer. 2) Infected File should executed on the new computer.

With iTwin, you explicitly select the files that needs to be copied. And the iTwin device does not store any unauthorized files on itself - it only stores iTwin application files. Malicious files cannot trick iTwin into copying files automatically. However, if you use iTwin (or any file transfer system) to knowingly copy suspicious files on to your computer and you execute them (by clicking on them) you might be opening malware.

Does it work on an intranet setting without internet?
No. iTwin does not work within the intranet setting without any Internet access. iTwin requires the computers it's plugged into to be connected to the Internet.

I am getting a message about iTwinTrust server and the time zone. What should I do?
Make sure that your Windows clock is set to the correct time for your location. Make sure that the Windows clock (on the system tray) is set to the correct timezone for your location. Setting these correctly is a security measure, and helps iTwin synchronise your files.

Why can't I open one of my remote files ?
You cannot remotely edit or copy some types of remote files (including .doc and .xls files) if they are already open on the remote machine. This is an extension of a Windows restriction.

Why is iTwin not installing itself?
If autorun is not enabled on your computer, right click on the CD Drive: iTwin, and choose 'Open', then click on iTwin.exe.

Am I able to pair two halves of differently colored iTwins?
Yes. You can pair two halves of differently colored iTwins.

What if I have multiple user accounts on my computer?
You must remain logged in on the computer in order to use iTwin to access the files on that computer. So if you share the computer, for example with family members, you should make sure they do not log you out, as this will make your iTwin files inaccessible. If you are using iTwin to access files on another person's computer, that person must remain logged in for the files to be accessible. In other words, the person that dragged files into the iTwin Local Folder must remain logged in, in order for those files to be accessible.

What recognition has iTwin received?
iTwin was shortlisted in TechCrunch50, in September 2009 in Silicon Valley. The iTwin team received a special invitation to TechCrunch's tokyoCamp in Japan. iTwin has won a Singapore Design Merit Award. iTwin was selected as one of the one of the top 4 technologies at Asia's biggest ICT conference, Communic'Asia 2010. Stay tuned!

Is iTwin a USB flash drive?
No, iTwin does not store any data on itself. Instead, it provides a secure encrypted connection to a remote computer, allowing the users to access their data. Unlike a flash drive, there is no storage limit, except the size of the hard disk of the remote computer.

Does iTwin use bluetooth, Wi-Fi?
iTwin uses the Internet connection of the local computer to connect to the remote computer. If the local computer is on Wi-Fi, then iTwin will make use of the Wi-Fi. It does not utilise bluetooth for communication.

Does iTwin work through all firewalls?
iTwin works through firewalls except when they are setup to allow traffic only to pre-defined, white-listed sites and services. In such a case, iTwin would not work, until the Administrator of the network white-lists iTwin's server. This is typically done for commonly used services such as Skype etc.

If I have a Mac with a Windows OS installed on a virtual machine, will iTwin work on that?
Yes, iTwin will work in such a configuration. And, of course, iTwin will also work on Boot Camp on a Mac.

If I were to ask someone at home to drag and drop more files while I'm at work, would I be able to access the newly dragged and dropped files? Or can files only be shared when both halves of iTwin are 'paired' together in my home machine and then dragged and dropped?
You will be able to access the newly dragged files, as these are now available for on-the-go access. They'll be visible to you when you refresh the 'remote' folder.

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