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iTwin - The USB Drive Reinvented

iTwin - The USB Drive Reinvented
iTwin - The USB Drive Reinvented iTwin - The USB Drive Reinvented iTwin - The USB Drive Reinvented iTwin - The USB Drive Reinvented
Brand: iTwin
Product Code: iTwin GMG
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Work securely from outside the office

Plug one half of iTwin into your online office computer. Drag'n'drop files into the iTwin window to share them. Take the other half of iTwin with you. You will have instant access to all of the shared files, from any other online computer. You can edit those files without them ever leaving the office. You can copy them to the other computer. You can even upload files to office from wherever you are. No configuration, no VPN token card, no login. With AES-256 hardware-enabled encryption. It's as secure and simple as data transfer gets.
Don't know which files to take? Take none but access them all

You don't know exactly which files you might need later. Many of them are confidential anyway and you prefer that they stay within office premises. iTwin solves both issues in one go: Share all the folders on your computer's hard drive that you think you may need and you will have plug'n'play remote access to them. With a device smaller and much more secure than any portable storage. If you misplace it, no confidential data is misplaced, since iTwin does not store anything on itself. You can disable the lost half's access to your computer in multiple ways, thus keeping your data safe.

Disable your Lost iTwin

Have you felt helpless when you lost your thumbdrive? Don't know who gets access to your lost device and the data on it? No more such worries with iTwin. With iTwin, you can remotely disable lost or stolen iTwin devices. When you physically pair two iTwin together and plug into a computer, you can opt to receive an iTwin Disable Code (sent to your email address). If you misplace or lose your iTwin, you simply disable the lost iTwin's access to your computer using your disable code. The connection between two iTwins will be deactivated within 90 seconds. Your data is safe from unauthorised access.

Securely share your Files/Folders

Plug one half of iTwin into your online computer. Give the other half to your colleague or client. When she plugs her half into an online computer, your two computers will be connected and you can securely and safely share files with each other, in either direction. Share the latest version of a report or proposal, confident that your data is safe from man-in-the-middle attacks. iTwin makes hardware-enabled, peer-to-peer security so simple. It's easier than ever before.

Back-up your important files

If you have two computers, one Desktop and the other, a laptop (or netbook) and find yourself creating files on your laptop frequently and synching these files to your computer, then iTwin can make your life easier. Plug one half of iTwin into your Office Desktop and carry with you the other half. Anytime, for example, when you are travelling and you want to sync these new files to your office computer, you can simply upload these files using iTwin. You can upload entire folders. This is also useful, when you are travelling and creating lots of media files, like photos and videos.

Work on your Presentation remotely

You have to travel to meet an important customer. But your presentation and reports aren't ready. That's fine. Just go. And take one half of an iTwin with you. When you reach the customer's site, plug your half into your laptop and instantly access the files, finished and shared by your team back at the office. A mistake in the slides? Not a problem. The slides can be remotely edited on your computer by the staff who designed them. No need to wade through an inbox. No need to use a download service or a cloud. No need to login.

All your favourite media, everywhere. No storage limits

Plug one half of iTwin into your online computer at home. Drag'n'drop as many of your tunes, videos and pictures as you'd like into the iTwin window and they are shared. Carry the other half of iTwin with you and plug it into any other online computer. Like at a friend's house or at a cafe. You will have instant access to all your shared media. The only limit is the size of your hard drive at home.

Share your memories, simply and safely

When living abroad or when vacationing, you can use iTwin to share a whole bunch of videos and pictures with your family. It would be time-consuming for you and a hassle for them to do this via a file-sharing service or by attaching them to multiple emails. Give your folks one half of an iTwin. As soon as they plug in their half, they'll be able to see all the files you want them to have. Plus, you can add new videos & pictures at anytime, like after a birthday party or a trip to the Eiffel Tower.

Make a network between your home computers

Your main desktop is downstairs, you are in your bedroom with a laptop and want to access the desktop's files while lying in bed. As you may have found out, networking computers together can be quite inconvenient and frustrating.
Plug one half of iTwin into the computer downstairs, plug the other half into your laptop and they will be connected instantly. And being on the same local network, the speed of transfer will be really fast. iTwin makes networking a breeze.

Need more information - See our iTwin FAQ

Supports Win XP, Vista and 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 and above | Requires min. 512 MB, 1GB RAM recommended | Requires 15 MB hard-disk space | USB 2.0 port | Requires broad-band Internet access, 1Mbps upload speed recommended

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