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IronKey Enterprise secures data with always-on hardware encryption to meet compliance and data protection requirements. All user data on an IronKey Enterprise drive is encrypted with high-speed, AES 256 CBC-mode encryption. IronKey Enterprise is deployed quickly using the cloud-based IronKey Enterprise Management Service. Administrators are in full control of deployed devices and if needed can remotely disable devices and wipe data. IronKey Enterprise logs device use for reporting and compliance.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified

IronKey Enterprise S200 series drives are the first USB flash drives validated to meet the stringent Security Level 3 requirements of the FIPS 140-2 standard. Additionally, IronKey Enterprise S250 and D250 models protect data with strong AES 256-bit hardware encryption. These protections include an epoxy compound that fully encases the chips, strong key management, and other strong anti-tampering measures.

Remote Administration and Policy Enforcement over the Internet

The IronKey Enterprise Management Service allows you to easily manage thousands of IronKey Enterprise devices and enforce device-specific policies, including password strength, password retry limits and onboard portable applications.

Active Anti-Malware Protection

Malicious code and viruses that are spread by removable storage devices infect millions of computers every year. IronKey’s active defences deliver layered protection to stop the spread of malware and worms. Proactive defences prevent changes to AutoRun files and allow administrators to remotely control which computers IronKey devices may be used on. For Windows computers, optional onboard malware scanning protects the device when files are moved or opened. Additionally, a read-only mode prevents malware from jumping onto the device from an infected host PC.

Remotely Disable or Terminate Lost and Stolen USB Drives

A key component of the IronKey Enterprise Management Service is the Silver Bullet Service, which provides powerful options to prevent access to rogue devices—whether lost, stolen or in the possession of a user who has been terminated or deemed an insider threat.

  • Deny - Prohibits accessing the data on a device until it can verify status
  • Disable - Locks out the user completely the next time the device connects
  • Destroy - Instructs the IronKey drive to initiate its self-destruct sequence

Self-Service Password Recovery

IronKey offers optional, self-service online password recovery that employs advanced mutual authentication to verify employee identity.

Administrator Device Unlock and Reset

The IronKey Enterprise solution uses Public Key authentication to allow authorised administrators to access data on employee devices without back-door passwords. Administrator privileges can be remotely revoked.

Portable Security Software

You can optionally deploy IronKey Enterprise devices with a suite of included applications and services for Windows computers, including a secure portable version of Mozilla Firefox, IronKey Identity Manager, and the IronKey Secure Sessions service. Policy settings allow IronKey system admins to turn these applications on or off as desired.

Secure Platform for Virtualisation

Rapid access performance, high reliability, and hardware-level defences all combine to make an IronKey drive the ideal platform for deploying secure virtual desktops and portable applications.

Strong Authentication

IronKey Enterprise devices have full public-key encryption capabilities, enabling them to be managed securely and remotely. For Windows computers, IronKey Enterprise devices support One-Time Password technology such as RSA SecurID®, allowing IronKey devices to be used as a two-factor tokens, eliminating the need for employees to carry multiple devices. Optional onboard identity management software facilitates single sign-on and keeps user credentials safe from keyboard loggers, spyware and other online threats.

Endpoint and Enterprise Application Integration

IronKey Enterprise has been designed to work seamlessly with many of the industry’s leading endpoint security software products. IronKey Enterprise devices include an onboard PKCS #11 digital certificate and interface that enable rapid deployment of strong authentication for online enterprise applications.

Policy Enforcement and Provisioning

IronKey administrators use an intuitive, secure online interface to apply security policies to their organisation’s IronKey Enterprise flash drives. Users can easily self-provision their devices, or you can initialize the devices and deploy them to end users.


Organisations who need secure data storage, the ability to remotely manage and control users and prove compliance including: Small, Medium and Large Business Users / Public Sector Users…


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