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iStorage Diskashur  USB 3.0 128-Bit 640GB
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KeeLog KeyGrabber NANO USB 16MB
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iStorage Diskashur DT 3TB
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KeeLog KeyGrabber Module USB 8MB
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KeeLog VideoGhost DVI 2GB
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iStorage Diskashur  USB 3.0 256-Bit 2TB
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KeeLog KeyGrabber Module PS/2 8MB
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Integral Secure Flash Drives from only £14.99

Lowest Integral Secure USB'S  on the Web

Integral Crypto AES 256-bit hardware encrypted USB Drives

USB Flash Drive security is a challenge facing all IT departments and with many governments starting to impose hefty fines, encryption of sensitive data on USB drives is becoming compulsory.

Integral produce a range of AES 256-bit hardware encrypted USB Flash Drives that provide an easy to use, cost effective and highly secure solution that is designed to work with your endpoint security.

The Crypto Drive USB range is FIPS and CESG validated and all models have a zero footprint, so no software installation is required. All files transferred to the drive are automatically encrypted and are protected by a mandatory high-strength password. If the Crypto USB is ever lost or stolen, the drive will securely destroy all data after six failed password attempts. Crypto Drives are used and trusted worldwide by government departments, global corporations and SMEs.

New to the range this year are the Integral Crypto DUAL and DUAL+ offering an optional master password override in addition to a high-strength user password. If a user forgets their password the Crypto DUAL and DUAL+ drives can be accessed with a master password by an IT administrator. Crypto DUAL is also compatible with both Windows® and Mac® operating systems. Crypto DUAL+ includes the same features as the Crypto DUAL but in an expanded design, to allow for greater storage capacity, starting at 64GB and 128GB.

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