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Integral Crypto 32GB USB FIPS 197 (MAC)
Inc. Tax: £143.99
KeeLog VideoGhost DVI 2GB
Inc. Tax: £146.39
KeeLog KeyGrabber PS2 2GB
Inc. Tax: £58.79
iTwin - The USB Drive Reinvented
Inc. Tax: £95.99
Integral Crypto 16GB USB FIPS 197 (PC)
Inc. Tax: £71.99
iStorage Diskashur DT 3TB
Inc. Tax: £335.99
iStorage Diskashur  USB 3.0 256-Bit 640GB
Inc. Tax: £215.99

Imation Secure Flash Drives and Hard Drives

Lowest Imation PricesIRONKEY Imation introduce the Imation Defender Collection™ designed specifically to help companies physically secure and protect their digital information. 

The increased demand for security from governments, military, financial, healthcare and other enterprise organisations encouraged Imation’s enhanced data storage portfolio with a collection of products designed to meet the most stringent security standards protecting data-at-rest.

The range includes:

For further information on the IMATION range of Mobile Security Products visit our dedicated IRONKEY IMATION site

For more information, choose your preferred storage device below:

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Integral Crypto 2GB USB FIPS 140-2 (PC)
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