Datalocker 2 256GB SSD AES 256 Encrypted HDD

Datalocker 2 256GB SSD AES 256 Encrypted HDD
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The DataLocker® Secure Drive was created to give you peace of mind in the event that your data is lost or stolen. Your data is secured by 6-18 digit PIN number which is entered directly on the device itself. The DataLocker utilizes a hardware based encryption chip to seamlessly encrypt and decrypt your data using military grade 256 bit AES / CBC mode encryption.

Why would I need one?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost your computer or portable storage device? Your confidential documents, personal pictures, home videos and information would be available to whoever stumbles across it. How would you like to see your home videos on YouTube®? Your work documents sent to your competitor? Your financial information for sale on the web? Although your data is replaceable, the consequences of it falling into malicious hands are mind-numbing.


  • Hardware Based AES Encryption
  • Brute Force Attack Detect / Self Destruct Response
  • Panic Mode Self Destruct Function
  • Hardware Based Malware Detection / Deflection
  • Unattended Auto Lock Function
  • 100% Platform Independent Security and Authentication
  • Windows XP, Vista 32 and 64 bit, Linux and Mac OS 10+ compatible
  • Absolutely no drivers, software, pop-up password entry screens, or set-up needed.
  • SSD - Solid State Drive


  • Drive Interface: Serial ATA 1.5 and 3 Gb/sec, Revision 2.6 / ATA-8
  • Number of Platters: (disks)3
  • Number of Data: Heads 6
  • Transfer Rate to Host: 3 Gb/sec


  • Track-to-track Seek: 2 ms
  • Average Seek Time: 12 ms
  • Rotational Speed: 5,400 RPM
  • Average Latency: 5.55 ms
  • Buffer Size: 8MB

Power Requirements

  • Voltage: 5V (+/-5%)
  • Spin up (start) Power: 4.5 watts
  • Seek Power: 2.2 watts
  • Read/Write Power: 1.7 watts
  • Low Power Idle: 0.65 watts
  • Standby Power: 0.18 watt
  • Sleep Power: 0.15 watts

Physical Size

  • Dimensions: (W) x (D) x (H) 69.85 mm (2.75") x 100.0 mm (3.94") x 12.5 mm (0.49")
  • Weight: 148 g (5.22 oz


  • Temp - Operating: 41 to 131F
  • Temp - Non-Operating: -40 to 140F
  • Vibration - Operating: 9.8 m/s (1.0G) 5 to 500HZ
  • Vibration - Non-Operating: 49 m/s (5.0G) 15 to 500 Hz
  • Shock - Operating: 3,920 m/s (400G) 2ms
  • Shock - Non-Operating: 8,820 m/s (900G) 1ms

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